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With R | Trader you can view quotes, trades, market depth and option strikes in real-time. You can place, modify and cancel orders, and view order history, performance, positions and risk limits. R | Trader supports trailing stops, brackets, OCOs and group orders.

R | Trader Pro™ rtrader
R | Trader Pro is R | Trader with charts and a real-time interface to and from Microsoft Office Excel. In addition to all the functionality of R | Trader, with R | Trader Pro you can view about 100 studies and stream them in real-time into Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets. With the power of Excel, you may develop your own indicators and, using Rithmic’s two way real-time interface, you may configure trades to be sent back into R | Trade Execution Platform through R | Trader Pro, automatically or with the click of a button.

R | BASS™ - the ultimate scalping tool.  R | BASS looks for the spread between a symbol’s best bid price and best ask price to widen by a set number of ticks and then inserts a new bid and a new offer at one tick better.  You configure the spread and you can set the trade to begin and end at specified times.  R | BASS is the ultimate Bid Ask Spread Scalper.

R | Criss Cross™ - places an opposite order for a symbol at a specified profit target when it detects a fill.  You choose the symbol and you specify the profit target.  When R | Criss Cross detects a buy fill, it submits a sell order a few ticks above it.  When it detects a sell fill, it submits a buy order a few ticks below it.  You configure how many ticks.  From receipt of the fill message to just after submission to the exchange R | Criss Cross generally takes less than 250 microseconds.  For a market that is trading in a narrow range, nothing beats R | Criss Cross.


Minimum Requirements
Operating System: Windows 7
Physical RAM: 4GB RAM
Additional Software: .NET Framework 3.5