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A popular product among our professional and institutional traders, X_TRADER® by Trading Technologies™ is a sophisticated platform that satisfies the "need for speed" from our most demanding electronic clients. X_Trader® also offers a number of unique features including: X_TRADER®
  • MD Trader® is TT's patented ladder with one-click order entry and cancellation is designed to meet the demands of the most aggressive traders. With unsurpassed speed, reliability and ease of use, MD Trader® provides the best the market has to offer.
  • Customizable spreads including calendar spreads and intercommodity spreads
  • Market maker functionality enabling users to make a two-sided market in any tradable instrument
  • Interfaces with Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets and other analytics
  • Supports new order types, including stop markets and stop limits with trigger quantities, timed orders, Market on Open, Market if Touched, Limit if Touched, and Iceberg orders

X_Trader® with a Pro license features all of the popular functions of X_Trader® with added advanced capabilities and automated tools including: TT's Autospreader® and Autotrader™.

  • Autospreader® is a powerful tool for auto-executing intermarket and intramarket commodity spreads and works the legs automatically to match the trader's desired spread price
  • Autotrader™, one of the most advanced automated trading tools on the market, provides multiple levels of trading automation and links to Microsoft Excel® for expanded hybrid strategies

Other features available with X_Trader® Pro version, include: X_STUDY®, ADL®, TT API | FIX Adapter, Algo Strategy Engine (Algo SE), Autospreader Strategy Engine (Autospreader SE) and Synthetic Strategy Engine (Synthetic SE).

X_TRADER® Pricing:
There are two pricing structures available:

  1. PER TRANSACTION - Offered exclusively to clients with AMP Clearing
    ($0.50 / Side - monthly minimum & cap apply, details below)

    Standard Version: Minimum: $50 / Cap: $600 per month
    Pro Version: Minimum: $400 / Cap: $1,500 per month

  2. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (see table below for details)
AMP Clearing Accounts
RCG Accounts
License Type Monthly Fee* Monthly Fee*
Standard version $600 $725
Pro Version $1,500 $1,650

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum account size may apply. Please contact our office for further details.

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Minimum Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP Professional w/ Service Pack 1 or higher and .NET Framework 2.0
Processor: Single Dual-Core processor running at 2.0 GHz or better
Physical RAM: 1GB RAM or better
Hard Drive: 10 GB of available free space or better
Internet Connection: High-Bandwidth Internet connection or better
Do not use satellite broadband due to significant latency problems.

*X_TRADER® fees are exclusive of any applicable taxes. Tax is based on the physical location of the user.