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Why Trade Forex?

The foreign exchange is the world's largest financial market and has been available to traders since 1999. This exciting and relatively new global market offers opportunities which are unavailable in other categories, thus making it more appealing to traders of all levels and types.

Why Forex is the Ideal Asset Class

24-Hour Market
With its around-the-clock availability, you are able to trade on your own schedule, 24 hours a day, during normal market hours whenever the markets are open (Sunday 4:00 PM to Friday 4:30 PM EST).

Forex Trading accounts are available with leverage, which has the potential to dramatically amplify both losses and profits. Trading foreign exchange with a high or even moderate level of leverage may not be suitable for all investors.

Market Volume Helps Facilitate Price Stability
The foreign exchange market is the most traded market in the world with an average turnover of $4 trillion per day.
(Source: Bank for International Settlements, published December 2010)